St. Al’s Oktoberfest

Help out and have a great time!

It takes more than 500 volunteers to make our ‘Fest a success. Volunteering for Oktoberfest is a great way to help out the community, make new friends, and have a lot of fun! Volunteers are involved in serving food and beer, selling tickets, and more.

Stay tuned this summer for your chance to sign up for a shift or two! 30 minute volunteer training sessions will be held in September in the lower level of St. Alphonsus Church. Training is required for all volunteers, and the sessions will give you a chance to pick up your t-shirt. Volunteers only need to attend 1 training session.


5 Reasons to Volunteer at Oktoberfest:



Meet new people

You’ll get to know some pretty great people from the community and the neighborhood. Oktoberfest has even sparked a love connection or two. Want to volunteer with your friends? Sign up together and we’ll do our best to coordinate your shifts.


Get a free beer outta the deal!

All volunteers who are 21 and over will get a ticket for one free beer during their shift. It’s our little way of saying thank you.


Those stylish Oktoberfest shirts

People will ask you where they can buy one of their own. They’re not for sale, they’re just for volunteers. And you’ll get one just for helping out.



It’s a great time!

You’ll laugh, you’ll joke, you’ll serve ‘Fest goers German food and/or beer. Every year, we see more and more familiar faces in volunteer shirts. If they keep coming back, you know they’re having fun.


The Volunteer Appreciation Party

It’s the second best party of the year—after Oktoberfest, obviously! Enjoy free beer and food while you hang out with your fellow volunteers.


Sound like fun? Sound like something you’d like to do? That’s what we like to hear.